You’ve seen LED Masks everywhere but why do you need one?

The buzz image of the season has become women wearing LED masks as a home treatment, mainly celebrities from Suki Waterhouse, Shanina Shaikh, to Victoria Beckham and Julia Roberts, the list goes on. But what are they, and what do they do? As scary as they look, LED masks when used properly are an essential booster for your skin routine. In the first instance they can look intimidating, but when you double take its a great way to getting a salon treatment, from the comfort of your home. LED masks are essentially light therapy treatments that push your skin a couple steps further in repairing your skin. Before you decide to invest in the power beauty tech product of the season we break down the use of LED masks for you.

LED light therapy in essence is a non invasive treatment that triggers the natural skin cells by accelerating the repairing and rejuvenation of cells. Light therapy is recommended for multiple skin problems such as Rosacea, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and more. The LED lights penetrate deep in your skins layers, repairing the cells and improving the surface of your skin as well as reducing wrinkles.

It doesn’t stop there, the LED light therapy comes in different colours however, blue and red being the most popular.

Blue light is commonly used to treat acne, as it has the potential to kill acne causing bacteria’s such as Cutibacterium acnes. It also reduces the oil production in the sebaceous glands, which produces less oil which would usually absorb into the hair follicles, resulting to acne.

Red light repairs skin cells by focussing on particular cells called ‘fibroblasts’ which is a protein that plays a large part of the connective tissue, that encourages your skin cells to heal. With red light also increasing hydration levels, it also regulates oil production and improves circulation.

With all this in mind, we present to you the LED masks that we recommend:

+ Dr Dennis Gross Skincare, Dry SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

The sleek FDA cleared device, a mask that really began it all! With adjusting straps, this is a great mask that sits comfortably on your face! With the red and blue light settings, the medical grade mask comes with 100 red LED lights and 62 blue LED lights that combine together in bringing powerful results that you need at home.

+ MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

This mask comes with 5 lights, introducing you to green, white and yellow in addition. As well as boasting the usual, a great device if you’d like something to also go one step ahead and work on reducing your hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries and sunspots than the average LED Mask!

+ Bea Skincare Photodynamic Facial Mask

This mask comes with an affordable price point compared to the other masks on the market, the Bea Skincare Photodynamic facial mask emits red, blue and orange lights which have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and detoxifying functions. A great lightweight option that allows you to multi-task whilst working from home!

+ CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

A celebrity favourite! The award winning CurrentBody Skin LED mask has been clinically proven to have shown results in 4 weeks. The mask has a combination of red LED light and infrared that accelerate collagen production whilst healing the skin at the same time. The flexible silicone material allows it to sit comfortably on your face when targeting all areas of the skin.

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