How To Use Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth & Strengthening.

Shortly after finding myself on the dynamic side of ‘it girl tiktok’ I gained extensive knowledge about many things such as the miracles of matcha, the never ending benefits of sea-moss and of course the rosemary oil revolution! As someone who has struggled with hair growth, finding my hair stopping from growing after it hits a certain length, this talk of rosemary oil and water for hair growth sparked a particular interest in me – so let’s get into it!

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The technique

The general understanding is that rosemary oil mostly comes in some form of a glass of bottle with a pipet which makes for easy application. However, there seems to be a frequent technique which reoccurs over many of the content creators platforms. This technique is something I have tried myself and I will break it down for you so you can try it too! Step one consists of tipping your head upside down, this allows for the stimulation of blood flow. Secondly I take a scalp massaging brush, the brush is designed to mimic human fingers and is used in a circular motion around the scalp to further stimulate blood flow. Next is the application of the oil, I tip my head back up, section my hair off, and apply the oil by starting from the bottom gradually moving towards the top of my head. I personally use the pipet which I find excellent for an easy application, however I have seen some people first apply the oil to their fingers and then go on to apply it to their scalp, or use some kind of oil bottle. Finally I finish the application with a second scalp massage using my fingers or the brush and ensure I spend some time pushing down on the various pressure points on my head before clipping my hair in a claw clip whilst the oil does its job on my hair!

How much to apply and for how long?

I personally don’t like to over-apply oil to my hair to the point where it’s dripping down my scalp. I ensure I use a couple of pumps of the pipet which I feel is more than enough for my scalp and will not clog my pores. I take another couple of pumps for the mid to the ends of my hair, however the amount of oil required depends on the hair type and length of your hair. For me personally I need a little extra as my hair is quite thick, coarse and loves to drink up anything you apply to it!

How often is too often?

It is advised to do this a couple of times a week but I think once a week would suffice. I enjoy doing it as part of my Sunday self care routine and hair wash day. 

So far I have been doing this for a few weeks and have already noticed my hair is much thicker and shinier than usual. However, I have seen outstanding results online from rosemary oil and if you enjoy the results yourself, you might want to look into rosemary water too. 

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