The Cult-Favourite K18 Adds A Hair Oil To The Roster…

A favourite amongst the likes of Selena Gomez and Rihanna, the viral hair repair brand K18 Biomimetic Hairscience adds a hair oil to our must try list. K18 is known to have a reputation of repairing hair, to the molecular level and the hair oil is claimed to be no less. With signature ingredients such as K18 Peptide, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil and Squalene, the oil is set to repair, hydrate and boost shine.

© K18 Biomimetic HairScience.

Setting itself apart from other hair oils, the K18 hair oil is designed to heat protect against up to 450 degrees, whilst nourishing and repairing with its biotech-powered reparative technology. With a more pricer price tag, the hair oil serves its objective and is likely to stand out amongst competition as it covers many purposes within one product.

The hair oil has launched in the US, we’re eagerly awaiting its arrival to the UK. Be sure to check out the official K18 Biomimetic HairScience website for further updates.

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