Tatcha Joins the Retinol-Alternative Game With New Silk Serum

With the girls being in a flurry of wanting to add powerhouse ingredient Retinol in their routine, it can be difficult to pick the correct Retinol suitable for your skin. With the multitude of benefits such as fine line prevention, supporting a healthy cell turnover, amongst the benefits comes an array of side affects such as peeling, irritation and overall purging. Many find Retinol too powerful or completely daunting, including myself!

However recently with the surge of alternative ingredients for Retinol such as Akuchiol, Peptides and Azelaic Acid, brands are opening up to exploring new formulas. Cult favourite Tatcha, does exactly that and chimes in with their own alternative Retinol serum. Introducing the Tatcha Silk Serum, claiming to be a highly effective plant-based retinol that is well tolerable with wear of up to twice-a-day.

© Tatcha.

Tatcha introduces the highly effective duo of plant-based retinol alternatives; upcycled cranberry extract and sea fennel, a marine botanical. Combined they act as a double threat in encouraging cell-turnover, boosting radiance and smoothing fine lines. In clinical studies of 41 panelists, the studies show in only two weeks “100% improvement in skin texture” and “100% reduction in redness” which are amazing results for a Retinol in that short period of time.

Available at Space NK & Tatcha UK for £98 (30ml).

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