PF Profile: Yasminé Holmgren

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We introduce Stockholm based model and influencer Yasminé Holmgren. Yasminé is fast becoming a well known face and has become a model to watch for in the past year. With enviable flawless skin and a glowing complexion, Yasminé is a face that’s hard to miss, garnering attention from beauty and fashion brands worldwide. We speak to Yasminé about her journey to becoming a model, the creative scene in Sweden and her extensive list of Swedish creatives that she wants you to look out for!

All photographs by Yasminé Holmgren.

Tell us about yourself, where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in a multi-ethnical household with a heritage mixture of the Eritrean, Sudanese and Swedish culture. They say three time’s a charm.  

Did you always want to do modelling or did you get scouted at random? 

Modelling was never a part of any of my future plans to be honest. I was more of a behind the camera kind of person. It all just happened randomly on a short weekend trip to London around two years ago, which ended up in me never really going back to Stockholm full time. I’ve got to admit that the journey took me by surprise, however I’m extremely grateful for it all. I’ve met so many genuinely amazing people and it’s been a really enjoyable time working with them.  

What do you think about the creative industry in Stockholm?  

It’s a working progress, full of a lot more potential than what’s being displayed. Stockholm, like any other city, is full of talent. Unfortunately, it’s most of the time the same photographers, MUA’s, directors, stylist etc. that are visible within the creative scene. I would love to see the creative industry open up more doors for up coming creatives with no platforms, especially within the POC community. I do feel like we´re on the right track to getting there though, it’s just a slow process taking its sweet time. 

Who are your favourite creatives in Sweden? 

Here’s a list of Swedish creatives y’all should really watch out for, big up:  

Senay Berhe – Photographer

Angelina Bergenwall – Photographer 

Paul Edwards – Creative Director/Photographer 

Banfa Jawla – Photographer

Hajan Jabar – Creative Director/Photographer

Entisar Mohammednur – Creative Director/MUA

Elle Johnson – Photographer

Richard Ntege – Stylist 

ZOZO – Stylist 

Wasima – Stylist 

Selam Fessahaye – Designer 

Jolie Chole – Director 

Maceo Frost – Director.

Sheila Johansson – Director

Teddy Goitom – Director/producer

Hadil Mohamed – Visual artist

Sainabou Secka – MUA

Seynab Dahir – MUA

Milena Yigzaw – MUA

Sainabou Chune – Hairstylist

Where is the most inspiring place for you and why? 

Whenever I’m in a room with my family or my closest friends and we have meaningful deep conversations about life and our future plans. Those moments really fill me and make me inspired.  

How has your idea of beauty and self-care changed this year? 

I think that I speak for most people when I say that this year has forced us to slow down and change gear. Self-care is without a doubt the word to summarise last year. I’ve spent some time reflecting over the important things in life, and I’ve been reminded of the importance of inner beauty. Today I’m much more regardful of my body. The little things like listening to your body when you’re tired, doing things that I normally wouldn’t do, and surrounding myself with genuine and positive energy. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to now and then disconnect and take time for yourself.  

When it comes to beauty it’s never been an interest of mine. Now it happens to be my line of work, but as soon as I get off work I’m back in my sweats with messy hair and no makeup on. To me beauty is comfort, whether its full on glam or the minimal, whatever floats your boat.  

What is your skincare regime, day + night? 

I’m all for natural products. Coconut and tea tree oil have for a long time been a part of the skincare family. Tea Tree Oil & Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask by The Body Shop, a big recommend. 

I recently started working with YSL, and I´ve been using their night and day cream now for a couple of months, and they´re amazing to my skin.  

Yves Saint Laurent Pure Shots Night Reboot SerumYves Saint Laurent Pure Shots Light Up are my favourites.

What is your hair situation in the morning?  

A mess. To go out the house means going through a whole hair routine. A spray bottle of water and leave in conditioners are key.   

What is the one beauty product you couldn’t leave the house without? 

Definitely lip balm. Ironically it’s the one thing that I constantly keep forgetting when I leave the house. So to fix the problem I go and buy a new one, I have a whole collection of them.  

Which women are inspiring you right now? 

My mother, two sisters and best friends. To watch them go through life and accomplish their goals, or even something as small as an assignment. Their willpower to work hard even when they don’t have the energy for it, is really inspiring. Much like a domino effect, it gives me motivation to stay focused on whatever project I’m working on.  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It´s a secret because my 5 year plan is already in motion haha. I´ll let you guys know as soon as I’m ready to share. Other than that, I just hope that I’m going to be in a peaceful state in life, with a lot of laughter and gratitude and overall bliss. 

Ps. since its freezing cold here right now, I could definitely wish to see myself somewhere warm five years from today.

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