PF Profile: Solène OJ

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We introduce Paris based fashion content creator and DJ Solène OJ. With her luminous complexion to her impeccable personal style, Solène is a breath of fresh air in the creative scene. With an instagram reflecting her inspiration that stems from her Caribbean roots of Martinique, to her soulful energy that is vibrational by her online presence. We speak to Solène on her beauty inspirations as a woman, her skincare routine for that enviable skin and more on her new musical journey.

All photographs by Solène.

When did your journey as a DJ begin?

I would say that music always had a big part in my life. I’m always that friend which Shazam’s every good song she’s heard, which grows her music library more and more. I’ve always loved to introduce new music to my friends, or even create a playlist and make people feel a different vibe by sharing the moment. So one year ago, I decided to learn and practice how to DJ. Still learning today, so I’m at the beginning of my journey.

What is one song that would define how you’re feeling right now?

Right now, I’m on a go with the flow mood, giving myself some self-care, going with whatever that could mean for me; nourishing myself, or feeling whatever I need to at this time, by knowing that there is no right or wrong to feel. I wouldn’t say a song but a whole album ‘Everything you heard is true’ by Odunsi (The Engine).

You seem to travel quite often, what do you feel a new place brings to you and your energy?

In my opinion, travel means to live a new adventure, it’s so experimental. You never know in advance how the place will make you feel. Mostly all my travels helped me re-invent my life and expand my mind in so many ways, it’s like seeing a new amount of facets, new perspectives. Travel is also a way to step away from the daily life: energy is reloaded and all my experiences in new countries really fulfilled me.

Where is the most inspiring place for you, and why?

I stayed a few months in New Caledonia, an island in South Pacific, and I think it’s the place that inspired me the most. First of all, it was my first solo trip, and moreover 10,000 miles from my home. This place really moved me cause it’s really a gem, that only a few people know about. When you’re on the island, you’re really in touch with nature and with the people, culture and soul is present there. It was a kind of holistic moment, for me, I could say and when I travelled it for sure channeled my energy into inspiration.

What was your first beauty memory?

When I was young I was obsessed with all my mom’s beauty products, and especially by her scent. She always had perfumes, scented dry oil, body cream to put on her skin and the good smell was always lasting for hours. At any time of the day, even when she was coming back on the evening, I could still smell the floral and woody notes on her skin. So since then, this part of getting ready is so so important to me, otherwise something is missing.

What does your skincare routine look like through the day?

I begin my day by washing my face with the Total Cleans’r Remove-it-all by Fenty Skin and then adding the Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing from Susanne Kaufmann. It’s actually one of my favorite serums which is plant-based and rich in vitamin E. My skin feels so smooth and nourished after the treatment!

To finish my morning skincare routine, I use the Hydra Vizor from Fenty Skin also, to protect my skin from the sun.

And the night?

At night, I’m hydrating my skin with the Hyaluron Serum Moisturizing from Susanne Kaufmann. Also I’m using the Rose Water Mist from this brand also (with pH-neutralizing properties) which help to calm and balance the skin. When I have imperfections, I treat them with Salicylic Acid 2% toner from The Ordinary, it works so well on my skin, I really can’t live without it!

Have your views regarding self-care changed this year?

My views regarding self-care changed so much this year. I’ve been taking care a lot of my skin after I had acne, and I felt like all my efforts finally pays off. It’s now more a pleasure to experience new routines and new products. Also, I had the opportunity to test a few expert skincare brands, which makes me take interest in self-care, and makes me love to take care of my body and skin.

When have you felt the most confident in your beauty?

I would say this year also. During a few years, I was really insecure about the aspect of my skin and imperfections due to acne. I felt like I couldn’t go outside without make up on, or if so, people would judge me. But, as things progress, I really learned to appreciate my skin and its journey, even with imperfections. We’re not made to be perfect and also, it’s normal to have acne and imperfections, at any ages.

Which women are inspiring you right now?

There are so many women who are currently inspiring me everyday. At the moment, I would say Jada Pinkett Smith. I love the way she reinvents herself constantly. I love the way she talk about the importance of being happy, and also about empowerment and motivation.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope I will be a woman who doesn’t have fear to succeed in several creative activities that can touch visuals, music and so much more. I see myself as a woman who will be exploiting her skills in all way and as a woman who has found her path. Maybe I’ll live in a different city, closer to warm weather and sun. I hope that the woman I’ll be in 5 years will be spiritually aligned and still be working on herself.

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