PF Profile: Roxie Nafousi

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We introduce manifesting expert and self-development coach Roxie Nafousi. Becoming an indispensable individual within the wellness world, Roxie offers a wealth of knowledge that speaks to the readers of today. A few minutes on her Instagram would allow you to see how she’s integrated her positivity in limitless posts that will have you appreciating the simple pleasures of life we overlook. Alongside being an ambassador of the Mental Health Foundation, Roxie has connected with thousands of individuals through her own Self Development workshops where she reiterates the importance of inner work. We had the pleasure of speaking to Roxie about her take on self-love, manifesting and her beauty journey.

All photographs by Roxie Nafousi.

I’d love to start off with, what is manifesting?

Manifesting is simply the ability to draw in anything that you desire! It’s the ability to create the exact life that you want.

What do you feel are the common misconceptions people have when it comes to manifesting? 

Most people think that manifesting is the same as law of attraction; they think that you if you ’think’ positively, positive things will happen but it’s so much more than that. True manifesting doesn’t come from your thoughts, it comes from our subconscious; it comes from our self worth, confidence and subconscious beliefs about what you deserve. Your conscious thoughts are the tip of the manifesting iceberg so to speak! Another misconception is that manifesting is about controlling your future, but actually it’s about surrender and trust in the universe!

“True manifesting doesn’t come from your thoughts, it comes from our subconscious; it comes from our self worth, confidence and subconscious beliefs about what you deserve.”

— roxie nafousi

What mantra are you living by at the moment?

It would be between these two: 

‘Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to” and “I honour my authentic self in everything that I do.”

What shifted your journey to becoming an emotional health advisor?

I have always had a deep desire to help people and guide people on their own journeys, but it was only when I really grew through my own pain and I really healed what needed to be healed that I was able to step into my role. I am so honoured that through my own self development journey I get to help other people on theirs.

What do you think are the most effective tips for developing a growth mindset?

The first thing is to simply acknowledge that you don’t have to be stuck where you are. You can be whatever you want to be! So, start by forming a clear vision of where you want to be; how do you want to feel about yourself, what kind of person do you want to be, who do you want to be surrounded by? Once you know where you want to go you, simply take one step at a time to get there.

A lot of people live in the past, finding it hard to let go of things that don’t serve them anymore, what is your best advice you can give to somebody to be more present?

There a quote I love that answers this perfectly: “In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you”

In my Self Love workshop, I do a whole section on forgiveness because letting go of regret is so powerful and so necessary for growth. Every experience we have ever had is a lesson that we can find meaning from. 

What role do you believe self-care has when it comes to your mental health?

Self care is self love. It gives us time to just focus on ourselves, which is something we rarely give ourselves these days. It is also a great time to practice mindfulness and to simply switch off from the whole as we indulge in a relaxing bath, have a facial or spend 10 minutes apply our face creams whilst listening to meditations. 

What does your skincare routine look like through the day? 

In the morning I start with my MURAD AHA Cleanser, and then I use my HAY’OU method Gua Shua with their Beauty Oil for 5 minutes to drain any excess water and increase circulation to the skin. Then I use Clinique All About Eyes eye cream, spritz the DISCIPLE Maskne spray and use the DECREE day cream. I usually then put on an illuminating primer; I love the Becca cosmetics or the Tom Ford Beauty ones at the moment.

And the night? 

At night I use the same cleanser, then I mix the Shisedo anti wrinkle night cream with This Works CBD booster as it makes a gorgeous oil that I can use for my 5 minutes of Gua sha at night!

When have you felt the most confident in your beauty?

When I’m focused on gratitude and really practicing self love. Beauty is not really how you look; it’s how you feel.

What book would you recommend to somebody trying to move through the uncertainty that is 2020?

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, or The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

What do you hope for the future?

To reach millions of people and help them to unlock the potential and magic within them!

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