PF Profile: Manna Mcleod

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We introduce Manna Mcleod, a London based multi-displinary model, singer, and entrepreneur. With her hard to miss luminous skin, to her political grounding on her social platform, Manna is an individual that we hope to see forevermore within the PF community. Alongside her pursuits of being an music artist Manna has also founded a skincare line named Bird & Co. which combines all of her knowledge and secrets with a release. We speak to Manna about her inspirations, her relationship with self-love this year and a dive into her ventures.

All photographs by Manna Mcleod.

Tell us about your background, where are you from?

I’m Jamaican, have Lebanese blood somewhere in me too & was born in London!

What is your earliest beauty memory?

My earliest beauty memory honestly were long French manicured acrylics! My mum is a certified nail technician (hands down has always done the best manicures). I always saw her and my Aunty with French tips they’d tap on the table whilst working and I’d just dream of having them as a little girl.

When do you feel most confident in your beauty?

When I’m in my ongoing routine of working out daily, meditating, eating well, everything is aligned then & the headspace it creates allows me to feel good and acknowledge & appreciate my beauty 

You’ve founded your own skincare line ’Dr. Bird Co’, what inspired this new venture?

Yes! It’s actually a hair & skincare line. I came up with the idea to actually create a line after seeing how hard it is to buy and stick to one product for black hair. I’ve looked after my hair myself since I first went all natural about 5 years ago & decided to finally share my secretes and added skincare to the list too!

You’re clearly a multi-faceted woman, how have you managed to stay focussed this year?

Really and truly it’s continuous meditation, manifestation & keeping my heart light. At one point I swore the world was going to end… with the BLM movements having to take place, then Covid-19, there was just so much strange and sad energy I just had to choose daily to have a good day and try my best to stay on track.

How has your idea of beauty and self-care changed this year?

Putting yourself first is self care tip of the year & of life!!! I’ve realised that a lot of what I had been doing for the past few years wasn’t always for me but being so isolated reminded me that I have to feel & look good for me! Modelling & making music makes it way too easy to create an idea for those looking in and in turn you can lose touch with self. Self care and beauty is for you and your happiness alone!

What is your skincare regime, day + night?

My skincare routine starts with Dr.Barbra Sturm face-wash, I partially air dry my face, then massage in a healthy amount of Dr. Bird Co facial serum & finally add our face cream. I do this twice a day, it’s nice, simple & keeps me glowy!

What is your hair situation in the morning?

When my Afro’s out I’ll take off my bonnet, my hairs probably flat from sleeping on it! I pick it from the roots up halfway just to loosen and stretch the curls, I then oil my scalp with Dr. Bird Co hair and scalp oil, I then use Aunt Jackie’s ‘seal it up butter’ or Pantene gold series ‘butter creme’ to re-curl any flat areas and to add moisture!

Which women are you inspired by right now?

My Grandma, she’s so gorgeous & strong, always makes me want to be better.. also I can hear her all the time telling me “you have to be presentable” 

What do you hope for the future?

I hope for happiness, light & the world being full of more love! Hopefully my music & the launch of Dr. Bird Co will help even add a little bit of that!

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