PF Profile: Jessica Pimentel

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We introduce London based Portuguese and Cape Verdean model, beauty influencer and skincare aficionado Jessica Pimentel. Jessica has a graceful down to earth aura that projects vastly across social media, apart from using her own platform to share her finds, she also exercises the importance of loving your own skin which has lead her to introducing her own platform OurSkincareAndShare where she actively encourages honest reviews without the ‘perfect skin’ perspective and with real results. We dive deep into a conversation with Jessica about her about OurSkincareAndShare, her earliest beauty memories, and a full breakdown of her beauty routine.

All photographs by Jessica Pimentel.

You’ve founded OurSkincareAndShare, what do you hope to achieve with this?

I created the page to form a sense of community where we could share some of our real skin and honest advice. I hope to grow it into an international brand to reach as many people are possible and work with established brands and also challenge some trends that may not be the most positive. The feedback from my page and those that support me and the message has been amazing and that’s what motivates me to stay true to what I believe even though sometimes it feels like it’s getting lost.

What is your earliest beauty memory?

Definitely my hair when I was around 9 or 10, I remember it being so hard to manage my mum cut it all off. I was cool with it, I don’t have a strong attachment to my hair to be honest. I tend to just go at it sometimes when I’m bored and start cutting the ends, my hairdresser told me to relax because it looked like someone had chewed the ends of my hair. 

Everyone around me, my dad, mum, sister, all my aunts, cousins, everyone has either shaved their hair off or has pixie cuts! So I’m really on the other extreme. I said I would join them this year but I changed my mind. 

When do you feel most confident in your beauty?

When I’m wearing little to no makeup and when my hair is in it’s natural texture. 

“I think one of my biggest fears is not progressing and I feel like now because of this social media age we’re in, everyone feels like they need to have a house, car, 6 figure income by 24 and that’s really not the case. I have to remind myself to relax.”


How has your idea of beauty and self-care changed this year?

This year has been stress, I have to actively remind myself to practise self-care. There’s so much chaos and my mind is always going so sometimes I get lost. I think I can speak for most people when I say I have felt less pressure when It comes to beauty with being at home, wearing masks etc. Everyone is just more relaxed. I’ve always been an advocate for embracing your natural beauty and I think more and more people are beginning to appreciate their own. 

Who are your beauty icons? 

I really like Alexa Demie’s makeup even though it’s completely out of my comfort zone, I just love how confident she is with it. Also, people like Alicia Keys, Kourtney Kardashian and Sarah Feingold. If I could have anyone to do my makeup, it would be @Nikki_Makeup, I am obsessed with her.

What is the best product you have been gifted?

I love all the products I am gifted and the fact that they think of me. The product I rave about the most is the Ren Skincare Jelly cleanser but honestly I have to many hair and beauty products that I love, its hard to choose one. 

What is your day skincare regime?

My routines now are way more simple than they used to be. When I was first being introduced to all these brands and products, I was getting carried away, trying everything, and I think that’s what made my skin all over the place. Some would still say my routines are complex but for its what works best. .

Cleanse – I either just use water, Ole Henriksen Truth Juice cleanser or Aurelia Miracle cleanser.

Serum – I use quite a few depending on my skin situation but I rotate between: Ole Henriksen vitamin C serum, AHC Aqualuronic Serum, Aurelian CBD Super Serum + Probiotics.

Moisturiser – My skin is combination so it depends again. My go to are : Biossance Omega repair Gel moisturiser, Ole Henriksen Gel creme, Murad oil-free water gel, Origins Ginzing gel cream.

Finally – SPF!

And night?

Cleanse – I double cleanse with the Biossance oil cleanser and then the Ren Skincare Jelly Cleanser.

Serum – Estee Lauder Advanced night repair (LIFE CHANGING)

Moisturiser – Biossance Omega repair cream, REN dark spot cream or Zero Beauty night cream.

Eye cream – Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair eye cream.

This is usually the routine but sometimes I like to add an oil, exfoliant here and there

What is your hair situation in the morning?

My hair is rarely ever down, I just hate the feeling of hair down my back lol. I only do so if I’m going out or something. If I’m staying home, It’s in a bun 99% of the time with a hair mask or treatment oil in. Quick tip: if you’re sleeking your hair back, put and oil treatment in, its like a 2-in-1 job. It holds my hairstyle down because its so greasy and also treats my hair. I love the Phillip B rejuvenating oil, the Aveda botanical repair intensive masque and Lush r&b hair moisturiser. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Just being happy and healthy to be honest. I think again, this year has taught me that is the most important thing, whatever it is I’m doing, that is ultimately what I want. Hopefully still being creative and growing. I think one of my biggest fears is not progressing and I feel like now because of this social media age we’re in, everyone feels like they need to have a house, car, 6 figure income by 24 and that’s really not the case. I have to remind myself to relax.

What do you hope for the future?

I hope we are not in the situation we’re in right now and far better. I hope I am closer to achieving or have achieved the things that I want. Also, for those around me. I hope that the beauty industry becomes more transparent. I hope more people see their true value. I hope I have grown as a person.

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