PF Profile: Claire Rose

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We introduce Netherlands born and now London based digital content creator Claire Rose. An effortless take on all things style, beauty and lifestyle; Claire has travelled the world and has been able to work with multiple fashion brands across the globe. Navigating between multiple cities whilst studying fashion, when Claire’s educational streak came to an end it was followed by a community that appreciated what she had to offer socially. We were able to catch up with Claire now that things had slowed down speaking on what is keeping her motivated, her skincare rituals and her earliest beauty memories.

All photographs by Claire Rose.

Tell us about your background, where are you from?

I was born in a small town in the Netherlands and grew up surrounded by my best friends: my dad, mom, brother and little sister. My parents showed us around the globe and taught us many life lessons. I was born with a hearing impairment and it wasn’t until the age of seven, after many operations, that I was able to hear. My hearing is still flawed, but I compensate by reading lips, so people generally don’t notice it. Guys often think I am flirting with them because I’m looking at their lips… haha. Sorry, I’m married!

What is your earliest beauty memory?

My mom and dad definitely taught us from a young age that beauty comes from within. My definition of beauty is to give, have self confidence and to stay loyal. Talking about beauty products, my earliest memory was probably a Guerlain bronzing powder that I got from my mom. She taught us to invest in quality products. I’ve used the same palette for years.

“My husband and I do this thing before we sleep. It may sound cheesy, but we always ask each other about the things that we are grateful for that day. That makes me worry less and appreciate those little things in life.”

— Claire Rose

We are two months into the new year, and some of us felt like January was an extension of 2020, what are you implementing in your routine so you stay inspired and motivated in 2021?

No resolutions. I set goals, create a strategy and work towards my goals. The things that I’ve implemented at the start of the pandemic that keep me motivated are making sure to do things that feed my brain and soul, working-out (this became a non-negotiable habit), being grateful and positive by focussing on the little things and realizing ‘trouble never comes alone’. My husband and I do this thing before we sleep. It may sound cheesy, but we always ask each other about the things that we are grateful for that day. That makes me worry less and appreciate those little things in life. That being said, these lockdown months are as difficult to me as they are to everyone else. I’m craving a change of scenery and I want to enjoy the freedom we had before the pandemic.

What is your mood enhancer?

A good laugh, quality time with my husband, family and friends, getting a coffee and walking Billie (my dog) in the park while listening to a great book or podcast. I also love getting dressed – hydrated glowy skin and make-up makes me feel independent.

What is your day skincare routine?

I start the day with a big glass of water. Then I wash my hands and clean my face. For skincare, I start with a few drops of the P50 of Biologique Recherche, use the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum (gamechanger) and apply the CC Me Serum from Summer Fridays and/or the pill from NueCo. I always wait a few minutes before applying my make-up. 

And night?

Same thing. I wash my hands, clean my face and use several serums depending on how my skin feels. After that, I apply my eye cream and then a night cream. 

Which skincare ingredient are you excited by?

Everything that allows my skin to stay hydrated (I have a very dry-type skin).

What beauty tip do you feel is a game changer? 

I would say, clean your skin every morning and night and take your time to discover what products work best for your skin. All skin is different. Another one I’ve been taught more recently: apply all your serums/creams from the most watery to the most creamy.

Which book do you feel has changed your life, and why?

So many! I am always interested in books about self development, like ‘think like a monk’ from Jay Hetty or ‘the power of vulnerability’ from Brené Brown. 

What do you hope for yourself in 2021?

To become more ‘in tune’ with my inner self and keep asking myself: “does this feel like a pleasure or a pressure?” 

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