PF Profile: Amy Julliette Lefévre

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We introduce New York based model and content creator Amy Julliette Lefévre. Coming from humble creative beginnings, Amy has left her mark in the industry as somebody who’s ready to take a stance when needed. Having worked with many luxury fashion and beauty brands worldwide, Amy has unapologetically stayed true to her style and her purpose whilst paving her own way. We speak to Amy on how she’s keeping herself motivated and more on her self-care rituals that are shaping her in the new year.

All photographs by Amy Julliette Lefévre.

Tell us about yourself, where are you from?

I moved around quite a bit as a kid. I lived in Belgium, Senegal, Gambia and the West Coast.  I moved to New York in 2014.

How are you keeping yourself creatively inspired right now?

Throughout this pandemic, there have been so many inspiring events and people that have come together to keep other safe, stand up against injustice, and to collectively survive.  This has all helped me keep a positive mind set and put me in a place that helps spur creativity.  Our time at home has inspired me to shoot in different locations that I would normally not consider (my kitchen) or to head into the outdoors for interesting backdrops.  Being at home has also inspired me to delve into interior design and unique homewares!

Have you noticed a shift in your relationship with fashion over the past year due to the pandemic?

Fashion has definitely changed in many ways during quarantine, but I personally see no reason to not look your best while at home!  For me, fashion is very much about self-expression, so you’ll often find me in some of my favorite outfits like oversized jackets/sweaters and trousers when I feel like dressing up a bit but still being comfortable, or in dresses sometimes when I go for walks!  That said, I have definitely been trending towards comfort, but comfort that looks good!

What is your earliest beauty memory?

Watching my mom do her makeup routine as a kid is my earliest and favorite beauty memory.  She always did such a great job and it was so great to watch the transformation!

When was the last time you wore makeup and why?

I still do my make up relatively regularly these days for work and shoots.  During the pandemic, I did start focusing on a more natural make-up look for speed.

What does your skincare routine look like through the day?

In the mornings I use a face cleanser (some of my favorites are from Pixie and Babor) followed by an amazing set from Guerlain called the Abeille Royale set which includes a facial oil, a Nectar lotion, and an anti-aging serum. This works great throughout the day!

And the night?

In the evenings, I use the Babor facial cleanser and then use the Guerlain Double R Serum before bed!

What is your favourite perfume right now?

I absolutely love the Maison Margiela REPLICA Beach Walk fragrance.  It really lives up to it’s name and makes me feel like I am sensing the waves!

When do you feel the most confident in your beauty?

Having my face be clear, clean and without make-up bring the most confidence to me.  To make sure I can maintain this confidence, I make sure to eat well, bring plenty of water, get exercise and try to get the right amount of sleep!  It’s a whole process that contributes to confidence and health!

Which women are you inspired by right now?

Amanda Gorman is definitely an inspiring figure to me at the moment.  Her words are so beautifully written and incisive that it feels like a mirror is held up to society.  On the creative front, I really admire Zendaya for her fashion picks but also her amazing talent! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have always been interested in making fashion and quality product more accessible and I have been working to build a set of accessories that look great and can be worn for any occasion.  My hope is to build this brand and expand to jewelry and other accessories!

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