Paradise Inside Features Sarah Lysander.

“Paradise Inside” is a series curated during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic.

What started off as an exploration of digital creativity, became a breath of fresh air during lockdown. This then became a a project which enabled us to connect with models/influencers through FaceTime. “Paradise Inside” captures one in their own realm in the comfort of their home with interviews that further encourage a space of conversation of evaluation and hope.

Sarah Lysander
Photography by Joel Smedley.
Creative Direction by Kiran Mariya.

The way I see this situation is that your never going to have so much free time where the whole world is on pause!

– Sarah Lysander.

How have you been dealing with isolation and quarantine, would you say you’ve been able to create a structured routine?

Like everyone else, I am having my up & down days. Im taking everyday day by day which helps as no one knows when this will be over. I don’t have a structured routine however my day always starts with a coffee and a shower, as feeling fresh keeps my spirits up.

What is keeping you motivated?

My dog, her name is Tequila. Thanks to her me and my boyfriend HAVE to go outside which keeps our energy and moods up! Its so easy to become complacent sitting inside lounging around all day & having a dog makes you so active… Its like having a child!

Would you say you feel a lot of pressure to post since you’re at home, and now that everyone is online?

A few weeks ago I did feel pressure to post.. however in my small flat there’s only so many places I can take pictures. The way I see this situation is that your never going to have so much free time where the whole world is on pause! Therefore I will be taking this opportunity to relax and not let anything stress me out as there’s a pandemic happening.

What have you learnt about yourself during this period?

One thing I have learnt is how important patience is. By me being patient and calm is making lock down a lot easier not for only me but for my household also.

Once quarantine is over, where is the one place you would like to visit?

My two favourite London restaurants Dishoom and Chotto Matte! (If I can get a table that is!)

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