Paradise Inside Features Jena Goldsack.

“Paradise Inside” is a series curated during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic.

What started off as an exploration of digital creativity, became a breath of fresh air during lockdown. This then became a a project which enabled us to connect with models/influencers through FaceTime. “Paradise Inside” captures one in their own realm in the comfort of their home with interviews that further encourage a space of conversation of evaluation and hope.

Jena Goldsack.
Photography by Joel Smedley.
Creative Direction by Kiran Mariya.

I just spent 6 weeks living back with my family, I’ve not done that in over 8 years, time we probably won’t ever get again

– Jena Goldsack.

What is keeping you motivated during this time?

I’m super lucky that a lot of my friends are fitness or pilates instructors, it’s meaning I’ve got a routine so I’ll usually do a class in the morning (gives me something to wake up for) and then a relaxing one in the evening, so I’ve got something to do other than snack all eve. This great weather we have had has definitely helped my mood, I always want to eat healthier when the sun is out, which is turn keeps your mind healthy. 

What have you learnt about yourself during this period?

That I’m more in tune with myself than I thought, before lockdown I was freaking out that I wouldn’t be working for months, now we’re into week 7, while I’m gagging to work mainly for productive reasons, I’ve learnt it’s ok to take a step back from work, I just spent 6 weeks living back with my family, I’ve not done that in over 8 years, time we probably won’t ever get again. 

How has your relationship with your beauty routine changed, if it has, since quarantine has began?

I’ve not worn makeup for nearly 2 months, so I’m just doing my regular cleansing and moisturising and not worrying about anything else. My hair hasn’t had any heat on it which means it’s less dry too, and I’ve had lots of time to lather it in coconut oil! 

Which social accounts would you say keep your spirits up during this time?

My social media is full of pictures of whales, sharks and weird fish. I follow lots of conservationists so that’s mainly what pops up on my feed, I’ve got so many places I want to visit to help with conservation once we are allowed to travel again, it’s only fuelled this more. I’m also very thankful for all the online workouts that people are posting, it’s definitely a helper, not only physically but also mentally for everyone. 

Once quarantine is over, what is the one thing you’d like to do that you feel you wouldn’t have usually done?

We had rough plans in the works to go to Australia and plant a million trees in fire affected areas with a charity I work with, I really hope we can do that in the near distant future. 

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