IT Girl Buys: Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm

“The ‘IT Girl’ is a highly sensationalised phrase that’s used for the girl of the decade that has all the attributes that creates an allure around her own universe. The IT Girl encapsulates true mystery, with sex appeal and a magnetic source of energy. The essence of becoming an IT Girl is deciding to be unapologetically the best version of yourself and living fearlessly. Paradise Files curates an edit that is a dedicated ode to the lifestyle of the IT Girl with real life accounts.”

If its one thing we’ve seen the girls use, it’s the gliding Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm. A product that is formulated with a conditioning complex which intensely nourishes your lips and a full colour on one application, the glossy balm is definitely a lip product of the season. The TikTok favourite is definitely the product for your handbag!

S: I finally caved after seeing this product all over my TikTok FYP and I am pleasantly surprised. I really like the way this looks on my lips and it is by far the most glossiest gloss I have ever tried out. The way this looks on, most definitely lives up to the social media hype. The packaging is also super pretty so generally the whole product gives me ‘IT Girl’ feels. The only downside I could point about this, which I noticed during the first application is that you have to wind it up a lot between uses, this makes me feel like its going to sun out quite quickly but its truly worth it for the way it looks on my lips! On a side note it also doesn’t feel sticky or weird on my lips, it leaves them feeling comfortable even after its faded from my lips.

K: Even though I own multiple glosses, I never really thought I’d find a product that would glide the way this balm did! With ‘Slip’ being my favourite shade, and with it being sold out absolutely everywhere, I ended up buying a gift set which included both ‘Slip’ and ‘Rouse’ which gave me a chance to try a nude-pink and a darker tone (perfect for the winter). Upon gliding a few times, the balm definitely plumps, glosses and nourishes all at the same time. The packaging? You’ll look impeccably chic when topping up.

You can purchase the Hourglass Phantom Volumizing glossy balm from John Lewis, Cult Beauty & Liberty and the duo 2022 holiday set from Harvey Nichols & John Lewis.