IT Girl Buys: Dior Addict Lip Maximizer

“The ‘IT Girl’ is a highly sensationalised phrase that’s used for the girl of the decade that has all the attributes that creates an allure around her own universe. The IT Girl encapsulates true mystery, with sex appeal and a magnetic source of energy. The essence of becoming an IT Girl is deciding to be unapologetically the best version of yourself and living fearlessly. Paradise Files curates an edit that is a dedicated ode to the lifestyle of the IT Girl with real accounts.”

The Dior Addict Lip Maximizer is not a new thing for the IT Girl, its been an essential item since the very beginning. It’s almost a ‘if you know, you just know?’ type of product.

S: To start with, the packaging is super pretty and the bottle itself is aesthetically gorgeous. It also smells delicious which is an added bonus and the shades are super pretty and natural. The lasting power on this is good but not great which is why I gave it a little lower rating, but I think this is the case with most glosses to be honest. This is overall a super cute product and it just carrying it around in your handbag alone will give you ‘it girl’ vibes.

You can purchase the Dior Addict Maximizer from Harvey Nichols, Sephora & Selfridges in the UK.