How To Start 2021 With A Healthier Mindset.

Photograph of Lauren Johnson.

With many of us struggling to understand where we stand in 2020, the new year ahead of us sounds daunting. Having to considerably adjust our routines, our expectations and our future plans on a consist rotation has left many of us feeling lost and uncertain of what is coming. Where we can only suggest being positive and having a brighter outlook on the new year ahead, it seems easier said than done. For us, having a realistic approach to the current pandemic is the best way to strive forward emotionally and productively. By keeping our expectations realistic and maintaining close proximity of the people we love and what we love, we can stop ourselves from falling into the deep slump early on in the new year. Whilst this may not be easy for most, it’s easier to become fixated on developing future plans even though it might not be appropriate for your mindset so early on of the new year. To begin the new year confidently, we share the few steps you can introduce that can allow your brain to be able to keep sane in 2021.

+ Reflect

We all need perspective. Reflect on all the things you’ve overcome; yes, overcoming the many breakdowns and changes of direction this pandemic has taken us is definitely something to be proud of, it makes you a strong and adaptable person. By adjusting through each new quarantine restriction, tier or stage shows that you’re capable of redirecting your energy and focus on the things that are worthy. Celebrate everything you have achieved, whether that means you found a new job, been let go of but been able to readjust and stay sane through most of your days – It all counts. By reflecting, you can redraw the intensity of trauma by feeling it, through and through. Only then you come out stronger and resilient.

+ Acceptance

Dealing and accepting the now is the key way to enable yourself to navigate with a herd of feelings. Acceptance is a way of bringing your mind into the now than scattered into the continuous loop of thoughts invested into ‘what’s next?’. By accepting the situation of now, to know its not for forever will allow you to clear the brain fog, and are able to ease yourself into approaching everyday as it comes. You may not think it, but the worst that could come your way, already probably has.

+ Feel

As crazy as this could sound, the feeling of actually feeling allows you to meet the deeper version of you. Whether it is the feeling of happiness or sadness, you charge up your energy levels every time you enter or leave your slump and grow stronger every time. That’s the great thing about being able to feel, each time you meet a better version of you that gradually becomes more self-aware as time passes, and is able to manage their feelings. Sometimes some days can be more intense than others, so allow yourself to have days where you feel down, knowing that’s it’s ok to feel, but to also know when to snap out of it. Don’t feel guilty for ‘wasting away your day’s’ we’ve all done it, we’re all human. We may have many more of these but take pleasure in them, as once things are back up to speed we may not have this much free time again.

+ Productivity

If you’re career driven, you could set yourself at least one daily task to educate yourself in your field. We should always be learning. Will all the excess time we now have, nurture yourself with knowledge that could be helpful. However, at all of us being at different speeds, it’s ok to acknowledge productivity can also be in expanding your soul on a day to day basis. As much as some of us would love to become a success story within the pandemic, it’s not for everyone. Being productive and doing something that is good for your soul every day is also progressive. Don’t feel the need to compete with others or compare your progress, that’s never a good idea. You’re you, this is your speed and where you need to be during this current moment of time in the universe.

+ Vision board

Your vision boards from the previous years may have looked very different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start 2021 with a new vision board even if we are to stay at home. Vision board smaller things you’d like to achieve for the new year. Challenge yourself at an appropriate speed. Become and learn more to become the best version of you, vision board the things that could elevate your being. Be realistic but kind to your expectations.

We’ve never had to start a year, in the position that society is in at the moment. We’re shifting in a new modality of existence, but know that nothing lasts forever and this time will pass. With the heaviness that has been this year, we believe treading in lighter situations and truths in the new year. 2021 will bring new beginnings and better luck with a new resilient and stronger version of you.

At PF we strive in sharing advice and information that creates an informed, positive, and vibrant room of powerful individuals. We aim to share our words in pursuit of them being received in a productive and positive manner. We hope you find these words comforting during this time.

Happy New Year.