How Gua Sha Can Help You De-Bloat Your Face.

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When I first purchased a Gua Sha, the peculiar cut shape tool confused me. I transitioned from my night protocol jade roller, as I was looking for something more vigorous. Waking up to a puffy face each morning, I was on a search to find something that helped de-puff my face every morning is when I came across the Gua Sha with tremendous reviews that hailed from each side of the internet with women gushing about results like nothing before. The Gua Sha was practiced in ancient Chinese medicine which dates back to the Ming Dynasty in 1368. Historical records show that that they used to massage parts of their body to reduce symptoms of illnesses, and the tool became a lymph-flushing skin tool that was used on the body and the face. Stimulating the lymphatic system, the tool further promotes healing by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. The simple technique was also used as a treatment for multiple daily health issues such as migraines, muscle pain, fevers, coughs and so on. So I finally invested in the tool, and I never looked back since.

The Benefits

The great benefits of using a Gua Sha on your face, it encourages the movement of your lymphatic fluids and breaks down tension around your face. The muscles relax more, and the puffiness instantly decreases. Studies show that the Gua Sha therapy increases microcirculation by four fold within the first 7 minutes, boosting circulation and oxygen flow whilst scraping away the toxins.

The Technique

We personally wouldn’t recommend using a Gua Sha on bare skin. Apply a generous amount of your favourite facial oil, and use the smooth edges of the Gua Sha to gently stroke upwards on your face. You can target area’s with increased redness and puffiness, which is usually the eye area and begin gently scraping away. To de-puff yourself, we recommend working gently rather than vigorously with your skin.

See below an example for guide:

Where To Purchase

Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty, The Drug Store, Hayo’u.

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